Management and Compensation of Military and Civilian Federal Work Forces

Issues for Planning Gao ID: FPCD-81-26 January 2, 1981

Federal personnel costs continue to rise and the need for more efficient and effective management of people becomes more pressing. A study was conducted to identify current and emerging issues related to managing and compensating the Federal workforce.

Military personnel issues which need attention in the next few years include: (1) military manpower mobilization policies, procedures, and practices; (2) armed forces training, assignment, and utilization policies; (3) recruitment policies; (4) military compensation systems improvement; and (5) management of military support activities. Civilian areas that need attention include: (1) the effective use of workforce planning; (2) how staffing systems can be made more responsive, efficient, and cost effective; (3) how training and development programs can be improved and used more effectively; (4) whether performance appraisal systems can be used to make equitable personnel decisions; (5) what impact labor relations programs have on performance; (6) whether the Government's programs to insure ethical conduct of its employees are adequate; (7) comparison of civilian employee compensation to the private and non-Federal public sectors; (8) whether the new Federal personnel management agencies are successfully carrying out their missions; and (9) how the Government's systems for performing personnel management research can be improved.

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