Entitlement to Holiday Pay]

Gao ID: B-199744(BRP) July 27, 1981

A determination was requested as to whether employees of the Corps of Engineers, involved in a construction project in Israel, are entitled to holiday pay for working on Friday, July 4, 1980, and whether the designation of July 7, 1980, as an administrative holiday by the agency was proper. The Army issued a memorandum stating that Monday, July 7, 1980, would be observed as an administrative holiday in lieu of Friday, July 4. All of the personnel involved work 6 days a week with Saturday as an overtime day. The staff worked a regular tour of duty on Friday, July 4 and did not work on Monday, July 7. Army headquarters took exception to holiday pay for work performed on July 4. As Friday, July 4, 1980, was a legal holiday for employees of the U.S. Government, the employees were entitled to holiday pay for work performed on that day, irrespective of the Army's designation of Monday, July 7 as a holiday. As Monday, July 7, 1980, was designated an administrative holiday by the Army, personnel were entitled to receive their regular rate of pay for that day. It was suggested that the employees file a formal claim for holiday pay with the Army and, if the claim is denied, file a claim with GAO.

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