Planning for Mobilization Facilities Needs Can Be Improved Through Increased Staff Continuity and Authority

Gao ID: PLRD-83-39 February 17, 1983

As a result of a GAO survey of the Army's process for determining facility needs associated with mobilization, GAO had two observations relating to its work at Fort Stewart which warranted attention.

GAO found that there has been a lack of continuity of officials responsible for maintaining the facilities portion of Fort Stewart's mobilization plan. GAO examined a revised version of the Fort Stewart Mobilization Plan Annex N and found numerous errors which GAO believes are also due to the lack of continuity in staffing. GAO feels that a need exists to provide greater staffing continuity for the installation level Directorate of Engineering and Housing Mobilization planner position to ensure greater expertise at that level. GAO believes that this expertise will become even more pertinent when the Corps of Engineers completes each installation's master mobilization plan. In addition, GAO found that the limited authority of officials at Fort Stewart restricts their ability to properly develop and coordinate the preparation of the mobilization plan. GAO believes that, to be fully effective, the installation level mobilization planners should have increased authority to coordinate and control the mobilization planning of the installation directorates.

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