Followup of the Navy's Estimated Cost Avoidance/Earlier Delivery for Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers

Gao ID: PLRD-83-54 March 1, 1983

GAO was asked to review the Nimitz class aircraft carriers to determine whether events that have occurred since a previous GAO report influenced the projected earlier delivery and cost avoidance estimated by the Navy for the CVN-71, 72, and 73 aircraft carriers.

GAO found that: (1) key events identified last year as being critical to the achievement of the CVN-72 and 73 earlier delivery and cost avoidance occurred as planned; (2) events and assumptions affecting anticipated savings and the planned earlier delivery of the CVN-71 have not changed since last year; (3) the Navy is requesting $82.8 million more in its fiscal year 1984 budget for CVN-72 and 73 escalation; and (4) verifying the total projected savings for the CVN-72 and 73 may be difficult because of the occurrence of events throughout the course of the contract.

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