Status of the Phase IV Base Level Computer Replacement Program

Gao ID: AFMD-83-58 March 16, 1983

In response to a congressional request, GAO reviewed the Air Force's Phase IV base-level computer replacement program to determine what corrective actions should be taken to remedy its serious deficiencies. The program is designed to provide various computer support functions and to assist in the transition of computer software.

GAO provided an interim report to review the acquisition program rationale and noted that two firms were selected to compete for the computer contract and that a vendor was selected after a 26-month test period during which the two firms independently converted high-risk software to their proposed computer equipment. Although important software testing had not been completed, Air Force officials said that sufficient testing results were available to allow an objective evaluation of the two contractors' proposals and that a delay in the production schedule would be costly. However, the Air Force intends to have the contractor fully complete all tests and correct all deficiencies before it accepts the systems and authorizes contract payments. The Air Force and the contractor are committed to having an operational system by August 1, 1983. GAO concluded that noncompletion of testing before the contract award was made carries the risk that Air Force requirements may not be met, precludes verification of the actual staffing required for the awardee, and defers receipt of required contractor corrections to the key systems.

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