Improvements Needed in the Air Force's Design Process for Military Construction Projects in Europe

Gao ID: NSIAD-83-21 July 19, 1983

GAO reviewed the design process for military construction projects in Europe. In its review, GAO identified certain problems that warrant Air Force attention.

GAO found that, although Air Force regulations emphasize the use of value engineering in the design of military construction projects, the Air Force has authorized a value engineering study for only one project in its fiscal year 1982 and 1983 military construction programs in Europe. The approved proposals on this project will save about $1.5 million. Government officials have identified other projects with value engineering potential. However, the Air Force has not authorized value engineering studies on these projects because the two Air Force organizations that provide clearance do not approve the use of value engineering studies on European projects because of staff shortages and past unsuccessful studies. GAO believes that the savings possible by using value engineering would more than offset the cost of staff to administer such a program. Although Congress has emphasized the importance of having the design of military construction projects at the 35-percent design stage when construction projects are submitted for congressional authorization, GAO found that approximately 25 percent of the projects it sampled in the fiscal year 1983 Air Force military construction budget for Europe did not meet that congressional design goal.

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