Strategic Bombers

Estimated Costs To Deploy the B-1B Gao ID: NSIAD-88-12 October 7, 1987

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO investigated the eventual costs of deploying the baseline B-1B bomber.

GAO found that the Air Force: (1) has not identified all tasks needed to complete development, procurement, and deployment of the baseline system, nor has it estimated the costs of all the tasks it has identified; (2) will exceed the B-1B cost cap of $20.5 billion by $90.8 million; (3) identified $3.11 billion in requirements needed to complete aircraft deployment; (4) has not estimated the costs for the transfer of program management responsibility and other requirements; (5) has not completed development and testing of the defensive avionics needed to permit the B-1B to penetrate hostile airspace; and (6) has requested $1.58 billion for three capability enhancements to the baseline system.

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