Navy Construction

Issues on the Proposed Move of the Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy Gao ID: NSIAD-87-105BR March 6, 1987

In response to a congressional request, GAO: (1) reviewed seismic, security, and cost issues relating to the Navy's plan to relocate its Naval Support Activity from Naples, Italy, to Capua, Italy; (2) assessed the Navy's mission capability at the present location; and (3) evaluated a study that Congress directed the Navy to perform on the proposed move.

GAO found that: (1) the Naples area is subject to bradyseismic and tectonic earthquakes, but the Capua area is subject only to tectonic earthquakes; (2) the buildings at Naples lack adequate earthquake protection, but the new buildings at Capua would comply with current earthquake construction codes; and (3) the Navy must upgrade and functionally improve the buildings at Naples if it intends to occupy them on a long-term basis. GAO noted that the Naples base is vulnerable to terrorist attacks because: (1) access to the base is poor; (2) the base is surrounded by high ridges and urban development; and (3) the clear zone around the base is insufficient. GAO also found that: (1) the base no longer supports the Navy's operations in Naples; (2) the Navy estimates that it would spend $358 million to build and equip new facilities at Capua and $448 million to develop equivalent facilities at Naples; and (3) the Navy would actually spend $27.9 million less to move to Capua than to purchase, upgrade, and expand the current facilities.

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