El Salvador

Pipeline of U.S. Military and Economic Aid Gao ID: NSIAD-90-121FS February 23, 1990

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed U.S. aid programs for El Salvador and the mechanisms available for reducing or curtailing assistance.

GAO found that: (1) funds appropriated for military assistance to El Salvador amounted to $138.8 million as of February 1990; (2) $44.6 million of those funds were unapportioned and unobligated; (3) the remaining $94.2 million represented funds committed for military supplies and equipment on order for delivery, but not yet shipped; (4) about $546.2 million of the appropriated economic aid funds for El Salvador were not expended; and (5) obligated but unexpended project assistance funds from prior fiscal years amounted to $305.2 million. GAO also found that options for reducing military aid included: (1) freezing further commitments of obligated funds from current and prior fiscal years; (2) suspending agreements with El Salvador for unordered goods and services; and (3) cancelling orders for unshipped items.

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