National Defense Stockpile

Sales Revenue and Inventory Data Gao ID: NSIAD-99-201R August 20, 1999

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO examined the management and funding of the National Defense Stockpile, focusing on the projected stockpile sales from the fiscal year (FY) 1999 through FY 2010 and the projected remaining inventory from FY 1998 through FY 2010.

GAO noted that: (1) projected stockpile sales between FY 1999 and FY 2010 peak at about $438 million in FY 2000; (2) the projected decline in sales during this period is rapid starting in FY 2002, with anticipated sales of $18 million by FY 2010; (3) projected inventory levels decline from $4.1 billion at the end of FY 1998 to $1.4 billion at the end of FY 2010; and (4) of the $1.4 billion in remaining inventory, $0.3 billion will be available for sale, and $1.1 billion cannot yet be sold under current authorizing legislation.

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