Multiple Employment Training Programs

Information Crosswalk on 163 Employment Training Programs Gao ID: HEHS-95-85FS February 14, 1995

GAO compiled a list of 163 programs and funding streams that provide about $20 billion in employment training assistance. During recent testimony before Congress (GAO/T-HEHS-95-53 and GAO/T-HEHS-95-70), GAO indicated that the number of employment training programs had risen to 193 since 1991 and that this fragmented "system" wasted resources and confused and frustrated clients, employers, and administrators. To help Congress make hard choices about overhauling and consolidating employment training programs, this fact sheet provides a crosswalk of information for each program, including (1) fiscal year 1995 appropriation, (2) summary of the program's purpose as it relates to employment training activities, (3) authorizing legislation and the U.S. citation, (4) Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance program number, (5) budget account number, (6) target group, and (7) type of employment training assistance provided.

GAO found that: (1) the current number of employment training programs has increased to 163 since 1991; (2) the current system wastes resources and confuses and frustrates clients, employers, and administrators; and (3) some programs serve more than one target group or provide more than one type of assistance.

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