Alleged Management Irregularities at the Ashland Federal Correctional Institution

Gao ID: GGD-79-14 November 8, 1978

The following allegations were made concerning the operation of the Federal Correctional Institution in Ashland, Kentucky: unwarranted adverse actions and poor performance evaluations of employees, low employee morale, high personnel turnover under the new warden, and unnecessary renovation of the warden's residence. The new warden was assigned in July 1977 to straighten out a floundering institution with poor sanitation, financial management, food service, security, and morale. Twelve employees involved in adverse actions were identified; nine of them actually received an adverse action and three resigned. Although charges against the employees were documented, conflicting testimony was received concerning the merits of some of the charges. Several inconsistencies were noted concerning unjust performance evaluations. The regional director noted that no one was being asked to do anything beyond the scope of his job, and the warden said that some employees were overrated in the past because loose standards were applied. Employee morale at Ashland could not be quantified. Apparently, the new warden's strict management style has created some turmoil among the employees. Alleged harassment of staff by management was verbal in nature, and proving or disproving these allegations is very difficult. Employee turnover could not be attributed specifically to the new warden's conduct. Over $12,000 was spent for work performed at the warden's residence, but the need for renovation could not be ascertained because required inspection reports were not prepared.

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