Allegations concerning INS Microfilming Contract

Gao ID: GGD-78-83 July 28, 1978

A review of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) contract with National Educational Consultants, Inc. for microfilming services focused on allegations and questions by the president of Automated Informational Retrieval Systems, Inc., an unsuccessful offeror. The allegations and responses to them are as follows: (1) The contract had been awarded to the highest bidder, whereas it should have been awarded to the lowest, the contract was awarded to neither the highest nor the lowest offerer, and there was no legal requirement to award it to the lowest bidder; (2) INS changed contract specifications following the award and changed four of the specifications--one before award, one at the time of award, and two after the award, clarification will be furnished on one of the changes; (3) the contractor had not completed the work on time, INS extended the performance period twice, and the work is still ongoing; (4) INS had not declared the contractor in default for its low production rate or has it terminated the contract for default but may obtain compensation for damages; and (5) the contractor violated a federal wage determination. The Department of Labor is investigating allegations of wage law violations.

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