Drug Activity in Haiti

Gao ID: OSI-95-6R December 28, 1994

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO reviewed the extent of drug trafficking in Haiti and any related involvement by the Haitian military. GAO noted that: (1) there is a lack of information and corroborating evidence to substantiate allegations of increased drug activity in Haiti and any related involvement by the Haitian military; (2) drug traffickers have altered their trafficking patterns in favor of using less detectable methods of transportation; (3) drug traffickers currently use small vessels or cargo ships instead of aircraft as their primary modes of transport; (4) U.S. government officials are reluctant to interact with or criticize the Haitian government's drug enforcement efforts because of ongoing negotiations with de facto government officials; and (5) although there is no conclusive evidence that the Haitian de facto military is involved in drug trafficking, the Drug Enforcement Administration is actively conducting investigations of military drug trafficking in Haiti prior to and subsequent to the 1991 coup.

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