Profiles of Military Assistance Advisory Groups in 15 Countries

Gao ID: ID-78-51 September 1, 1978

Profiles are offered of military assistance advisory group (MAAG) operations in 15 countries as a supplement to the April 21, 1978 report, "Management of Security Assistance Programs Overseas Needs To Be Improved."

Each profile contains information on: incountry security assistance programs, staff levels of the MAAGs and other incountry organizations performing security assistance program functions, duties performed by MAAG personnel in each primary function as well as other secondary functions, and advisory and training assistance provided by other than MAAG personnel. The views of MAAG and U.S. Embassy officials are included on the following: (1) the effect of Public Law 95-92 on MAAG operations, (2) the adequacy of advisory group staffing, (3) supervision and direction provided by Chiefs of U.S. diplomatic missions, (4) interactions between advisory groups and host countries on foreign military sales matters, and (5) means available to perform end-item inspections for equipment provided under the military assistance program and to preclude unauthorized transfers of equipment. (RRS)

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