Indicators of the Effectiveness of the Antidumping Act of 1921

Gao ID: GGD-78-109 September 5, 1978

Responses were provided to questions concerning the Treasury Department's administration of the Antidumping Act of 1921. As of August 1, 1978, 74 findings of dumping (imports sold at less than fair value) were in effect. Normal duties on commodities subject to a dumping finding are deposited by importers when entries are filed at customhouses even though the entry is not liquidated and dumping duties are not assessed until several years after entry is made. Although it is difficult to determine importers' outstanding liabilities for dumping duties, an estimated $700 million was owed as of June 1, 1978. Treasury often allows sales price adjustments for quantity discounts, differences in circumstances of sales, and differences in merchandise. The impact of pending dumping findings on import volumes is uncertain. Bonding is used to protect revenues due the government, and in only one circumstance was additional bonding mandated by the Antidumping Act.

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