Federal Grant Programs Used To Distribute Funds to State and Local Governments by Formula in FY 1984

Gao ID: HRD-85-99 August 30, 1985

GAO reviewed information on the largest state and local formula grant programs, including the mathematical forms and data used in formula grants, for the Department of the Treasury to use in responding to the fiscal studies provision in the Local Government Fiscal Assistance Amendments Act of 1983.

GAO identified 38 separate and distinct formulas that were used to allocate funds to state and local governments under 23 formula grant programs. GAO found that formula descriptions included: (1) the statutory citations of the allocation and matching provisions for each formula; (2) a description of program purposes; (3) the narrative and algebraic descriptions of the formula; (4) the data elements and data sources; and (5) any applicable matching provisions.

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