IRS' Fiscal Year 1988 Budget Request

Gao ID: T-GGD-87-9 April 23, 1987

GAO discussed the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) fiscal year 1987 and 1988 supplemental budget requests, which call for staff increases of 10,395 positions and funding increases to $5.1 billion. GAO found that: (1) IRS has not developed an analytical framework and does not have the necessary information to determine whether the proposed allocation of additional resources was appropriate; (2) IRS needs to stabilize its service center staffing, which is seasonal and inexperienced; (3) IRS has experienced considerable demand for assistance in interpreting the Tax Reform Act of 1986; (4) since its automatic data processing (ADP) equipment is of increasing importance, IRS needs to closely monitor the progress of its ADP projects; and (5) the new IRS Service Center Replacement System was put into production without adequate testing.

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