Office of Federal Procurement Policy

Gao ID: 108684 March 2, 1979

The performance of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) from its creation to the present is discussed. Congress charged OFPP with overall procurement policy direction and six specific statutory functions. These functions are designed to: (1) establish a system to coordinate and standardize procurement regulations; (2) establish a method for letting interested parties participate in development of procurement regulations; (3) monitor the government's reliance on the private sector for needed goods and services; (4) promote and conduct procurement research; (5) establish a procurement information system to meet the needs of Congress, the executive branch, and the private sector; and (6) promote programs for recruitment, training, career development, and performance evaluation of procurement personnel. The reauthorization of OFPP is recommended because of the accomplishments made in establishing and conducting the above mentioned functions.

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