Northeastern Energy and Transportation Problems

A Regional Perspective Gao ID: PAD-79-12 August 27, 1979

This study compares energy and transportation problems of Northeastern states with nationwide or regional statistics and studies. The five problems most often mentioned by state officials in the Northeast were highway deterioration, high and rising mass transit operating deficits, financial and physical deterioration of freight railroads, increasing cost of energy relative to cost in other regions, and vulnerability to energy supply disruptions. These problems are complicated by factors such as the age of the region's public resources and the shrinking tax base of its cities. Although the Northeastern states might try to resolve their own problems, the Federal Government can also evaluate its energy and transportation policies as they relate to the Northeast and other regions. Recent events such as the Three Mile Island incident, oil price increases, and energy allocation problems further amplify the need to resolve Northeastern officials' concerns.

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