Transportation Issues in the 1980's

Gao ID: CED-80-133 September 8, 1980

GAO made a study based on its plan for audits of Federal transportation programs. The study report presents a perspective on the current and emerging transportation issues which GAO audit work must address, discusses selected major issues in detail, and summarizes related GAO audit work. The report discusses long-range trends in energy, the environment, and new technology which will affect transportation during the coming decade. An overview is presented of the Government agencies, congressional committees, private sector lobby groups, and research organizations involved in transportation issues. Problem and issue areas addressed include: the improvement of the effectiveness of Federal efforts to plan and coordinate multimodal/intermodal transportation policies and programs; the improvement of the economic health of the Nation's railroads; Federal efforts to improve motor vehicle and traffic safety, and to increase auto fuel economy; the prevention of highway deteriorization; the potential impacts of deregulation on railroads, trucks, and intercity buses; the elimination of unnecessary regulations; consumer protection; Federal aid programs to help local communities improve transit service; the management of Amtrak; Federal responsibilities for aviation safety; airport management and airline regulation; the revitalization of the merchant marine and shipbuilding industries; and the emerging trends and new technology that will effect transportation during the 1980's.

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