President's First Special Message for Fiscal Year 1982

Gao ID: OGC-82-2 November 6, 1981

In his first special message for fiscal year 1982, the President proposed 26 deferrals totalling $737.2 million.

GAO estimated that approximately $2.3 million of the amount proposed for deferral of timber salvage sales funds could be transferred to the Treasury. Rather than deferring funds for brush disposal, GAO believes that the Forest Service should increase its efforts to reduce the backlog of brush disposal work and make full use of the funds available to it. The report on the deferral of funds for fossil energy construction will be made as soon as the GAO investigation on the issues raised is completed. According to Department of Labor officials, there will be programmatic effects on certain projects if the deferred funds are not released fairly soon. Except as noted, GAO has identified no additional information that would be useful to Congress in its consideration of the President's proposals, and it believes that the proposed deferrals are in accordance with existing authority.

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