President's First Special Message for FY 1984

Gao ID: OGC-84-1 October 31, 1983

GAO reported on the President's first special message for fiscal year 1984 which proposed 20 deferrals of budget authority, totaling $1,924,778,000.

The President currently proposes to terminate the Appalachian Regional Commission as of September 30, 1984. However, Congress has not approved this termination. A portion of the funds deferred in the Air Force military construction account was rescinded by the 1984 Military Construction Appropriation Act. GAO found that, by deferring the funds for the U.S. Railway Association, the Association will not be able to continue the monitoring and evaluation activities or perform the final profitability determination expected by Congress as reflected in the legislative history of the 1984 Department of Transportation Appropriation Act. Otherwise, GAO identified no additional information that would be useful to Congress in its consideration of the President's proposals and believes that the proposed deferrals are in accordance with existing statutes.

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