Summary of GAO Reports Issued Since 1973 Pertaining to Farm Bill Legislation

Gao ID: CED-77-39 March 3, 1977

There were 22 GAO reports issued on farm and commodity topics since 1973, including export and import regulation of grains, sugar and dairy products; the Commodity Credit Corporation; commodity shortages, distribution, and forecasting; protection from pesticide hazards; agricultural research; bee keeping indemnity payment program; and meat marketing, inspection and bacteria control. The disaster assistance report was on alleviating agricultural producers' crop losses. Information concerning the reports of a possible wheat shortage, and grain reserves as a policy tool were the topics on grain reserves. Food aid and foreign agricultural development reports dealt with economic and food assistance to developing countries, increasing world food supplies, world population control and food, international relief agency, U.S. participation in international organizations, U.S. agricultural attache overseas, and incentives and disincentives to agricultural production in foreign countries. Assessment of the National Grain Inspection System pointed out the weaknesses in the system. Rural development reports concerned the impact of Federal programs on rural development, the problems of small farmers, regulations of the Rural Development Act programs, Farmers Home Administration, and the impact of the 1977 Presidential budget. The food stamps reports dealt with identifying the various recipient groups of food stamps, U.S. nutritional health, varying rates, and operation of the food stamps programs.

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