Land Use Planning, Management, and Control

Issues and Problems Gao ID: CED-77-101 July 28, 1977

The land use planning, management, and control area is concerned with planning for the use of lands, regardless of ownership, and fostering better management of the nation's land and related resources. Planning for the use of lands includes those activities which are directed to the future use of federal lands; encouraging and assisting state, regional, and local governmental and special-use jurisdictions in planning for the use of lands within their jurisdictions; and planning for functional activities which have significant impacts on the future uses of land or related resources and are accomplished with federal assistance. Issues meriting priority attention include: (1) are existing land planning programs adequate or is there a need for a national land use policy and program; (2) are federal lands and related resources being effectively managed on a multiple-use basis with adequate consideration to competing needs; (3) how effective are federal programs designed to promote the development, rehabilitation, conservation, and preservation of nonpublic lands and related resources; (4) are federal programs and activities effective in meeting shortages of outdoor recreation; (5) are federally owned and supported recreation areas being properly developed, managed, and maintained; and (6) what are the effects of tax policies on land use?

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