Procurement Reform

H.R. 1670, Federal Acquisition Reform Act of 1995 Gao ID: T-OGC-95-22 May 25, 1995

This testimony provides GAO's views on H.R. 1670, the proposed Federal Acquisition Reform Act of 1995. This legislation is grounded in a single theme: the complexity of the government's procurement systems has resulted in unacceptably high transaction costs and user dissatisfaction. Among the bill's provisions: (1) to allow agencies to obtain "maximum practicable" competition rather than full and open competition, (2) to exempt all commercial items as defined in the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994 from certified data and audit requirements of the Truth in Negotiations Act and from the corresponding requirements of the cost accounting standards, and (3) to consolidate two administrative forums--GAO's bid protest office and the General Services Board of Contract Appeals, along with the 10 other boards of contracts appeals--into a single, all-inclusive board.

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