Housing and Community Development Issue Area Plan--Fiscal Years 1996-98

Gao ID: IAP-96-18 June 1, 1996

GAO presented its Housing and Community Development issue area plan for fiscal years 1996 through 1998.

GAO plans to: (1) analyze proposals to dismantle or reorganize the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the HUD fiscal year (FY) 1997 budget request, the Federal Housing Agency's (FHA) mission and operations, and HUD contracting practices and contract administration; (2) evaluate proposed changes to FHA insurance coverage on single-family mortgages, housing price variations and their impact on the single-family insurance program, single-family foreclosure rates, and the HUD program for sharing mortgage insurance risks on multifamily loans; (3) assess the impact of proposals to restructure public and assisted housing, HUD progress in reengineering its multifamily housing portfolio, HUD actions to improve operations at large housing authorities, the response of the public housing industry to recent reform legislation, and the HUD Competitive Grant Program to modernize and rehabilitate public housing; (4) analyze performance monitoring of a combined grant for community development and housing, the conversion of community development programs into a guaranteed loan program, and the implementation of the empowerment zone program; and (5) evaluate the Small Business Administration's (SBA) credit subsidy programs.

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