Index of Construction Functions Performed by Federal Agencies

Gao ID: LCD-78-322 May 9, 1978

A survey was conducted to identify all facility acquisition activity centers in the Federal Government and to prepare an index of this information for internal use. In conducting the survey, the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) asked Federal agencies whether they financed direct Federal construction, federally assisted construction programs, or both. The agencies were then contacted to determine specifically what construction functions they perform.

Indexes are provided of agencies performing construction function activities for direct Federal construction, including the kind of direct construction performed and the approximate percentage of each kind, and for agencies financing federally assisted construction. Appendices include indexes of agencies performing the following specific functions: determining space requirements, making buy-build-lease decisions, handling facilities acquisitions, conducting or contracting for predesign studies, preparing prospectus for projects, preparing or contracting for preparation of Environmental Impact Statements, handling the selection of architects/engineers, contracting of design services, performing design in-house, reviewing and approving design, handling bidding and awarding of construction contracts, making construction inspections, acting as construction manager, contracting for construction management services, administering contracts, and performing facility renovations. Another index lists agencies: requiring energy analysis on new construction or alterations; requiring life-cycle cost analysis; using agency-developed design criteria; possessing internal design, engineering, and/or construction offices; and conducting or sponsoring construction related research.

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