The Status of Telecommunications Efforts in the General Accounting Office

Gao ID: 129873 April 28, 1986

GAO discussed the status of its telecommunications efforts and noted that: (1) its telecommunication needs are changing toward usage for both audit and administrative support; (2) its organization is changing from a voice-oriented, passively managed organization to a heavily data-oriented, proactively managed organization; and (3) it needs more interactive data communications between its regional offices and computer databases and organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. In order to effectively deal with the changing telecommunications environment, GAO: (1) formed a new office to consolidate its automatic data processing and telecommunications activities and formed a telecommunications group within that office; (2) awarded two contracts in 3 years to assist it in planning and analyzing its data processing and telecommunications needs; (3) undertook pilot projects to evaluate the use of micro- and mini-computers in local area network environments; and (4) is developing a new data network to support its financial management system. GAO has examined several telecommunications alternatives available through the General Services Administration and is awaiting the resolution of several telecommunications issues under congressional consideration before it decides which alternative it will implement.

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