What is JFMIP?

Gao ID: 089265 September 1, 1981

The Joint Financial Management Improvement Program (JFMIP) is a joint and cooperative undertaking of the Office of Management and Budget, the General Accounting Office, the Department of the Treasury, and the Office of Personnel Management, working in cooperation with each other and with operating agencies to improve financial management policies and practices. The overall objective of JFMIP is to improve and coordinate financial management policies and practices throughout the Government so that they will con tribute significantly to the effective and efficient planning and operation of governmental programs. Activities aimed at achieving this objective include: (1) Reviewing and coordinating central agencies' activities and policy promulgations to avoid possible conflict, inconsistency, duplication and confusion. (2) Acting as a clearinghouse for sharing and disseminating financial management information about good financial management techniques and technologies. (3) Reviewing the financial management efforts of the operating agencies and serving a.s a catalyst for further improvements. (4) Undertaking special projects of a Government-wide nature to resolve specific problems. (5) Providing advisory services in dealing with specific financial management problems.

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