Transition Series

Housing and Urban Development Issues Gao ID: OCG-89-22TR November 1, 1988

GAO summarized Department of Housing and Urban Development program issues facing the new administration.

GAO found that the new administration will need to: (1) encourage continued private investment in low-income housing, focusing on individual markets to determine the amount of federal incentives needed; (2) consider the cost-effectiveness of preserving public, low-income housing; (3) continually monitor tax policies to achieve goals of encouraging investment in low-income housing programs; (4) discontinue the separate housing voucher and certificate programs to assist low-income families, and consolidate the best features of both programs into one program aimed at providing equitable, cost-effective support to those with housing needs; and (5) implement long-term solutions that take into account the diversity of the homeless population and the array of contributory causes.

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