Deferral Proposals in the Third Special Presidential Message for Fiscal Year 1978

Gao ID: OGC-78-5 November 30, 1977

The President's third special message for fiscal year 1978 transmitted to the Congress pursuant to the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 included four new deferral proposals totaling $908.6 million in budget authority affecting the Departments of Defense and Energy, the National Science Foundation, and the Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund. The message also included revisions to five previously transmitted deferrals. The deferrals covered in the message involved: moneys for naval shipbuilding and conversion; the the Antirecession Financial Assistance Fund administered by the Department of the Treasury; the State and Local Government Fiscal Assistance Trust Fund administered by the Department of the Treasury; research and related activities of the National Science Foundation; and the plenum fill experiment, clean boiler fuel from coal project, molten salt breeder reactor project, and the 10 megawatt central receiver solar thermal power plant, all administered by the Department of Energy. Review of the proposed deferrals indicated that the information provided in the special message is correct and that the actions being proposed have been clearly and accurately stated.

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