Problems Concerning the Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program

Gao ID: FPCD-79-62 June 18, 1979

The Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program provides governmentwide recruiting policies and programs designed to eliminate underrepresentation of minorities and women in civil service employment.

The problems which restrict the ability of agencies to fulfill program requirements include data collection and reporting systems, responsibility and accountability, and items not included in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulation. The fragmented information available results in management not being able to assess fully the effect of its decisions on the workforce profile. Responsibility and accountability need to be pinpointed. A mechanism for evaluating the recruitment program is essential, as is a method for identifying members of minority groups. The latter is currently based on a guess by visual identification. The OPM regulation only specifies a very general and undefined goal of eliminating underrepresentation. This goal is grandiose and may be rejected by agency management as unrealistic.


Our recommendations from this work are listed below with a Contact for more information. Status will change from "In process" to "Open," "Closed - implemented," or "Closed - not implemented" based on our follow up work.

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